Company Background


Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd

Founded by Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited with passion to carry on the business of manufacturing consumer packaging products, equipment, and appliance which are made from bagasse which is by product from our sugar industry and other natural materials, as well as retails and wholesales, importation and exportation of such products.

Subsidiary Structure


Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd is subsidiary company of Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited , which founded in 1964 as one of the Thailand leader in sugar industry located in the Northeast of Thailand, Crushing capacity has steadily increased from 3,000 Tons Cane per Day (TCD) to the current 24,000 TCD, the factory nowadays has capacity to crush around 3 million tons of cane per season.


Shareholding structure

Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited will hold 99.99% of its shares

Structure of the Board of Directors

Mr. Anant Tangtongwechakit Chairman

Miss Chittima Tangtrongwechakit Director

Mr. Adisak Tangtrongweachakit Director

Remark : Relationship between the parties : siblings and related persons


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