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Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd (SEW ECOWARE™) provides our client with World Class End-to-End Pulp and Biodegradable Paper Packaging Product


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About US.

Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd (SEW) ’s team of Pulp and paper research and development specialist, Paper engineering and Packaging designer. Our mission is to provide sustainable molded pulp packaging solutions to businesses that are cost-efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly.

Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd (SEW) is located in Thailand as world leading on production of paper pulp from Bagasses and protective molded paper pulp packaging for medical, electronics, computer, food and beverage, service and telecommunication to worldwide markets. More About Our Product…


Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd (SEW) offers the highest quality paper pulp from Bagasses and molded paper pulp products aimed at delivering world class sustainable medical application and packaging solutions for our customer worldwide. More About Us…


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Our Product.

  • Consumable, Table-ware and food Packaging Molded Paper Pulp product
  • Paper Pulp from agricultural by waste and by product
  • Disposable Medical-ware Molded Paper Pulp product
  • Customized Molded Paper Pulp product

Our Service.

  • ODM & OEM for Molded Pulp Food Packaging
  • Pulp and Paper process design & analysis
  • Paper Pulp testing and Qualification
  • Packaging testing and Qualification
  • Design and Supply Customized Packaging Product


Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd / SEW ECOWARE ™/ SEW THAILAND™